A prominent German Company in the hands of WA for reduce rent cost in Barcelona.

As we already mentioned in our blog a few months ago, rents in the city of Barcelona have recorded in the last semester a pressure to decrease which many companies are taking advantage to move or reduce their corporate headquarters. According to the consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield, the city of Barcelona has registered in the last quarter an average price on office rents of 18.00 € / m2 per month, a value that decreases to € 16.50 / m2 in the case of offices in emerging areas of the city such as 22@. The inoccupation rate in the city is standing at about 10% generating a price war to low rents.

The consultant also notes that the rent price of rent in Barcelona has been stabilized and has reached its minimum, being this an ideal time to invest in corporate spaces. According to the consultant, the recession will continue for at least another quarter but investor confidence will take even longer to recover and until then, we should not expect new buildings to come to the market increasing the available stock.

This is a situation that is moving companies in the city as in the present case, a leading German company that was occupying an entire floor of a prominent skyscraper located in the Olympic Port, achieves an attractive and updated working environment with the latest generation facilities reducing its monthly rent by 60%.

For this purpose, the company has reduced the required office surface in about 30% by optimizing the workstations and resources maintaining the same operational capacity and gaining in versatility. By implementing a contemporary office layout that achieves concentrating on two-thirds of the former surface –which was spread over 3 floors-, and renting for less than half the initial cost. Moreover, by this strategy, the investment is recovered in only three years.

The works to adapt the new headquarters started this month.
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