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Architecture firm in Barcelona

Wortmann Architects, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, embodies a profound commitment to transformative architectural design principles. With over 30 years of experience, our international practice specializes in crafting visionary designs that transcend conventional boundaries.

Distinguished by authenticity, social responsibility, and sustainability, Wortmann Architects approaches each project as an opportunity to create spaces that reflect the essence of their occupants and the context in which they exist.

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Our diverse team of professionals is committed to excellence in design, guided by a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of quality. With each project, we strive to elevate the human experience, creating spaces that inspire, empower, and endure. Whether it’s crafting sustainable habitats, designing corporate headquarters, or shaping industrial facilities, Wortmann Architects is dedicated to realizing our clients’ visions with integrity, creativity, and purpose. Get in touch with Wortmann Architects to embark on a transformative journey in architectural design.

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PROJECT PLANNING PACK: a safe way to build your custom designed house.

TAILORED HOUSE ON THE SPANISH MEDITERRANEAN COAST: how much does a custom designed house cost?


Latest work

Casa Mediterranea in Castelldefels


Crafting sustainable habitats is a testament to our commitment to transformational architecture. At Wortmann Architects, we approach residential design with authenticity and social responsibility, creating spaces that reflect the essence of their occupants and the context in which they exist. Our designs transcend conventional boundaries, embracing change and celebrating individual identity. From timeless residences to vibrant urban developments, every project embodies our core principles of sustainability, rootedness, and non-indifference.

Picasso Hotel Sky bar at night


Creating memorable hospitality experiences requires a blend of creativity and purpose. At Wortmann Architects, we specialize in designing hotels that go beyond aesthetics, shaping environments that resonate with the needs and aspirations of guests. Our designs reflect the unique character of each location, fostering a sense of belonging and connection. With a focus on sustainability and social commitment, we create spaces that inspire and delight, leaving a lasting impression on guests and communities alike.

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