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About us


The design of Wortmann Architects offers a deep devotion to the inherent values of outstanding contemporary Mediterranean architecture, such as simplicity, leanness, emotiveness and transparency. At the same time, it witnesses an ongoing effort to meet the client’s needs. On the way, the architectural practice turns into a thrilling adventure, where resilience, straightness and craftsmanship, enhanced by a keen sense of goodliness, are converted into genuine buildings and interiors.

As architecture naturally acts in or on a public space, its principle guidelines are comprised of collective patterns. This means, every project is an opportunity to explore the moving frontier of state of the art professional skills. In order to make complexity simple, the common purpose of the client, builder and architect is to create solid, functional and attractive buildings as well as living and work spaces. This can only be achieved by a coordinated team of experts. Therefore, WA has been dedicated since its very beginning to the usage and development of integrated project management techniques. In this context, a designated WA staff member generally adopts the role of the team-leader who manages the time-sensitive objectives.

As our clients often belong to internationally operating firms and organizations, Wortmann Architects has set out offices in Spain and Germany. Surpassing frontiers, entrepreneurs expound ideas and initiatives, which are transformed into actions. Committed to building up multicultural teams and practices, we actually work on projects in several European countries as well as overseas. Starting on a conceptual urban planning stage, our commitment to the client’s needs calls us to manage detailed design levels, creating public areas, shopping lines and office spaces.

Leadership by service – give us the opportunity to let your goals be ours.


Johannes K. Wortmann


Wortmann Architects Managing Director since 2009

Wortmann Bañares Architects Partner Director 1987 – 2008

IESE Business School – University of Navarra

 General Management Program (PDG)  from 1999 to 2000

Technische Universität Berlin Dipl.-Ing. Architect 1985

Our team



Sara Calvo de Castro is an architect from Escuela Técnica Superior of Valladolid.
With more than six years in the office, she is a team manager, being responsible for the design and development of the projects.



Silvia Azizaj studied architecture at Epoka University and perfected her studies with a Master at UPC in Barcelona.
She speaks six languages and she is our 3d artist.



Gaia Barbieri completed her studies at Università degli Studi of Ferrara.
She became part of WA as a project architect and marketing collaborator.



Mónica Valence Fernandez is an industrial engineer and a construction manager.
She joined WA, becoming responsible for the construction department, leading the internal construction company Wortmann Developers.


Interior Designer

Abigail Almanguer studied Interior Design at Monterrey University and perfected her studies with a Master at IED in Barcelona.



With extensive experience in administration within architectural firms, Patricia will welcome you to our office.

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I was born as the 3rd child of an Artist Painter in northern Germany. In 1960, when I was 5, my father escaped with his family from the melancholic teutonic grey to the brilliant light of the Mediterranean island Ibiza, ”Eivissa” in Catalan. For the first time, I saw the white cubes of the peasant houses, built by their inhabitants with simple means and following a Phenician pattern. I felt fascinated and attracted by the Mediterranean architecture, please mastery into the landscape of rocks and Pine trees.

As a young boy, I was playing and drawing in the studio of Erwin Broner, a German Jew, Artist Painter, and Architect, who had known Ibiza during his first exile in the late 1930ies. After a long journey of almost 17 years, first to London and later to California, he turned back to his beloved mythic Island in 1957. In the following 20 years, Broner designed a series of contemporary houses for international clients. Conceived in the tradition of European rationalism, the uncompromising buildings yet merge at perfection with the Mediterranean landscape. Nowadays, to live in a Broner-House is still considered a privilege.

Another famous Master Architect, Barcelona born Josep Lluis Sert, Dean of the Harvard Graduate Design School from 1953 to 1969, turned back to Ibiza in 1970. As did Broner, his first act in the Island was to build his own studio house, situated in the historic ”Dalt Vila” District. Sert and my father have been known each other. During five years, he lived and painted in the Sert Studio, before the family settled in the “Can Pep Simó” condominium, a design from Sert and other Catalán architects friends.

Born and educated in a medieval town in Westphalia, I undertook my architectural studies at the Technical University of Berlin. Once finished my career, I undertook a useful journey through Europe, serving as an architectural apprentice in several studios in Belgium and Spain. I was happy to learn with the renaissance like Master architect Bruno Albert in Liège, where I learned that beauty and proportions are our finest tools. My first professional steps in Barcelona a link to the PSP Studio. Ferran de los Santos and Joan Maria Pascual were so patient to explain the secrets of Catalán craftsmanship to the young German architect.

The next steps were the association with Guillermo Bañares, a practice, which lasted 20 years. I own Guillermo the knowledge of Spanish society and uncountable conversations about architecture and design, scouting together our projects, a broad range of residential, hospitality, corporate and industrial buildings.

Finally, at the beginning of the severe financial and Economic crisis, in 2007 I created my own practice, Wortmann Architects.

Although I consider myself, aware of my German roots, as a “Mediterranean Prussian”, I feel at home under the Mediterranean sun in the ancient “Marca Hispanica” of Catalonia. Since more than 30 years, I enjoy to live and work as an Architect, with my family, in Barcelona.

Johannes K.  Wortmann.