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Industrial architects in Barcelona

We are a leading firm of industrial architects in Barcelona specialised in designing industrial and logistics facilities. Our firm operates in Spain and any other country in Europe and overseas. We can cover all areas of work, from designing to building industrial and logistics facilities.

Take a look at some of our most distinguished industrial architecture projects in Barcelona and other locations such as Madrid, Tarragona, etc.

Industrial activity is one of the key factors in the contemporary production environment.

With relocation and offshoring in full swing as a result of intense pressure to lower costs, companies’ innovation capacities are put to test in the industrial sector. Methods for continuous improvement and the cohesion of the work team are essential to obtaining convincing results.

In this scenario, architects and engineers play an important role. Effective communication with our clients facilitates a vertical integration that identifies us with your objectives. The work team studies the principal guidelines for the implementation process and absorbs the operating plan of the local team, for an in-depth understanding of each client’s business.

WA establishes an initial layout of the industrial plant, which is continually optimised until its definitive structure becomes concrete. Both, function and form are elements for creating a precise and attractive industrial architecture, whose details reveal an interest in the creation of an ergonomically designed work environment, becoming a quality brand for the developer.