Is it possible to save money by moving the office?

Given the current economic situation, many companies are starting to implement infrastructure reduction plans as a primary strategy of stability or even survival motivated by an extended climate of caution and restraint.

The first consequence of this reality is undoubtedly the rise of unemployment. Corporate human resources are usually on top of the income statement and this fact leads many managers to consider the need of reducing personnel costs.

But in a globalized world, in which the macroeconomic environment has an effect over the last employee of any small company, it is necessary to be up to date of the market situation before defining a cost reducing strategy. In Wortmann Architects, we keep abreast of the situation in the real-estate market where we have found interesting profit opportunities for our clients. Nowadays, prices of rents in Barcelona city have reached levels of 10 years ago and it is a perfect time to plan the relocation of a corporate headquarters to a more economical space without losing quality, keeping a good location and with the same services available.

In Wortmann Architects we have dedicated some time to investigate on how reducing infrastructure costs by moving corporate headquarters, an extremely viable strategy in the short term with a high added value not only because the cost reduction achieved but because it hides a multitude of added benefits in a structural level.

In our architecture office we personally experienced the process of moving our headquarters a few years ago with an excellent result, the change allowed us to optimize the office space and reduce rental costs, but it was also an opportunity to reorganize the internal structure of the company, storing all the archived material and saving only what it was necessary to obtain a new and practical office where everything is accessible and tidy. The whole team was encouraged to make a common effort to optimize the office operation methods which now were possible to reconsider from the start.

Our office is a place of which we are proud and where we like to welcome our customers, who receive the first impression of our company through the image of the place where we work and who often comment on how nice and friendly is the space. In our team we also try to maximize our office, looking forward for reasons to host small celebrations some times a year when we invite friends and family but also former and future customers, suppliers and partners, thus turning our own home into an improvised meeting place for networking sessions where synergies and new business opportunities take place.

In Wortmann Architects we have also carried out the relocation of several corporate headquarters of both small and medium enterprises and multinational delegations with excellent results and complete satisfaction of our customers who have seen their leasing costs low down recovering the investment within two years.

Don’t heasitate to contact us and discover how your office relocation proposal can reduce your operational costs!

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