58th International art Exhibition, Venice 2019

Lorenzo Quinn – Building Bridges – 2019. Six pairs of hands create a bridge over a Venetian canal, a symbol of the need to build bridges and overcome divisions.


The name of the oldest exhibition in the world, “May you live in Interesting Times”, refers to a Chinese curse relating to times of uncertainty, crisis and anxiety, exactly like those we are living in today. In a world characterized by digital advancement, fake news which eats away at political speech and the trust on which it is based, it’s necessary to reevaluate our terms of reference and therefore be able to think and look at the world with a new perspective.

These are the foundations of the 58th exhibition curated by Ralph Rugoff, director of The Hayward Gallery in London. The 79 artists present, by demonstrating the social role of art will put into question current thought categories and their foundations to enable the visitor to have a different interpretation of the world and its ‘interesting times’ enabling them to understand that order is only a simultaneous presence of different orders, always alive and different amongst each other.

Open until the 24th November the biennial is held between Arsenale, Giardini, and the uncountable collateral events in the city of Venice.


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