Recoletos Head Office

Rowing against the current

The head office of the publisher in Barcelona is situated in an office building of recent construction, in the Diagonal downtown business area.

Although the building had already provided the office space with flexibility and appropriate installations, the project aimed to enrich the workspaces by breaking up the conventional layout which failed to make optimum use of the available space.

By separating areas of work using made-to-measure shelving and cabinets a new ambiance of fluidity was achieved offering a range of differing levels of privacy.

Through the use of materials of infrequent use in interior design such as fibre-cement combined with designer furniture, the project achieves a unique and original style.

  • Type : Corporate Interiorism
  • Date : 1995
  • Location : Av. Diagonal 640, Barcelona
  • Promoter : Editorial Recoletos
  • Size : 600 m²
  • Budget : 215.000 €
  • Photographs : Juan Mundó
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