Hardenberg Strasse

This project involves the remodelling of an office block that was built in 1958 and is part of the “Casa de las Americas” complex, officially protected as national German heritage. It is located on Hardenbergstraße street in Berlin, just 50 metres from Zoologischer Garten station, a major nerve centre of the city’s life.

With a footprint of 1,000 square metres, this six-storey L-shaped building has great potential.

To help attract new clients, a show office has been created on the sixth floor, in which the existing internal layout has been transformed into an open-plan office where daylight plays a key role alongside the careful combination of black carpeting and cabinets in warm tones.

Plans are currently in place for the external appearance of the building, embracing the entranceway and parking area as well as the facade.

  • Type : Consulting Service
  • Date : 2008
  • Location : Berlin
  • Promoter : Renta Corporación
  • Size : 6.000 m²
  • Budget : 2.000.000 €
  • Photographs : Archive
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