Demet Mexico

Apartament Building

The complex is structured into four blocks built on the perimeter in a cloister outline. Each block has 5 plants of height. The lower plant will be dedicated for equipment and for third party use, so that you can count with four plants dedicated to housing. The four blocks are united in their base by the flagstone mark form that covers the semi basement plant, where the parking will be located. (Parking for the business district as well as for the housings). A great space in the center of the flagstone allows to plant a green area with trees, arranged in dune form, so that you can see it from the parking area and furthermore it allows to ventilate it.

Each building is formed by two parallel bars which are united by a slight lattice that supports the system of access gangways and stairways. Each bar includes a facade toward the exterior with extended views (to the street or to the interior green area) and another facade toward an interior patio, sculptural and of variable width (of 7m. at 8m.).

  • Type : Residential Architecture
  • Date : 2008
  • Location : Mexico D.F.
  • Promoter : Not available
  • Size : Not available
  • Budget : Not available
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