The project consists of one building where Still’s central offices and workshop are housed. A study of the urban impact of the project was undertaken with the goal of achieving a sense of harmony with surrounding buildings and at the same time establishing a distinctive and individualistic image.

The image of a market leader in forklift hydraulic trucks was transmitted through a fresh and contemporary style of industrial architecture. The curved facade of the office blocks, raised on elegant pillars above the reception hall, create a dynamic image of a multinational manufacturer.

Construction costs were optimised in the main industrial areas, which allowed the use of less conventional materials to enhance the appearance of the public areas of the project. Examples of this were the use of “U-Glass” in the facade of the building overlooking the parking lot; inside the offices the use of natural light was optimised and an aesthetic balance between the human and industrial was achieved through the careful combination of colours and textures.

In a unit erected over a floor space of 55x60m and with a roof of only one slope, a workshop and storage space are housed. Skylights in the roof allow natural illumination.

  • Type : Industrial & Logistics
  • Date : 1998
  • Location : Primer de Maig, 38-48, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
  • Promoter : Still S.A.
  • Size : Not Available
  • Budget : Not available
  • Photographs : Stefan Müller, Chiara Pranzo
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