Las Penyas Sant Feliu

Living under the trees

In the recent past, urban development in the Costa Brava has spread rapidly resulting in a negative impact on the beauty of a natural environment which has always been a selling point for tourists and a major player in the local economy.

The site of this project is located on a cliff overlooking the sea near the Massis de Cadiretes Natural Park and Sant Feliu de Guixols. As a result of changes brought about by a decree protecting the coastline (Programa de Espacios Costaneros Protegidos) a planned urbanisation was halted.

In order to recuperate planning permission it is proposed to develop only 22% of the site, leaving the largest part for the development as a suburban park which would act as an intervening buffer between the developed zone and the protected areas. Various view-points and observation towers connected by walkways winding between the trees would allow the enjoyment of the landscape otherwise restricted by the woods.

The constructed area will be parcelled into 12 modestly-sized family residences incorporating bioclimatic features and designed to integrate with their immediate surroundings. The project serves as a clear demonstration of how solutions can be found to achieve successful incorporation of buildings into their immediate environment.

This proposal sets out to protect its surroundings in three ways: reducing the number of houses to be constructed; integrating these with their surroundings through the use of landscaped gardens, green roof tiling and local building materials; creating an urban park thereby promoting the continued presence of the natural habitat in the development and connecting it to the city centre through a bike path.

  • Type : Consulting Service
  • Date : 2005
  • Location : Las Penyes, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona
  • Promoter : Landon Grupo Corporativo
  • Size : 39.131 m²
  • Budget : Not available
  • Photographs : Archive
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