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About us


The design of Wortmann Architects offers a deep devotion to the inherent values of outstanding contemporary architecture, such as simplicity, leanness, emotiveness and transparency. At the same time, it witnesses an ongoing effort to meet the client’s needs. On the way, the architectural practice turns into a thrilling adventure, where resilience, straightness and craftsmanship, enhanced by a keen sense of goodliness, are converted into genuine buildings and interiors.

As architecture naturally acts in or on a public space, its principle guidelines are comprised of collective patterns. This means, every project is an opportunity to explore the moving frontier of state of the art professional skills. In order to make complexity simple, the common purpose of the client, builder and architect is to create solid, functional and attractive buildings as well as living and work spaces. This can only be achieved by a coordinated team of experts. Therefore, WA has been dedicated since its very beginning to the usage and development of integrated project management techniques. In this context, a designated WA staff member generally adopts the role of the team-leader who manages the time-sensitive objectives.

As our clients often belong to internationally operating firms and organizations, Wortmann Architects has set out offices in Spain and Germany. Surpassing frontiers, entrepreneurs expound ideas and initiatives, which are transformed into actions. Committed to building up multicultural teams and practices, we actually work on projects in several European countries as well as overseas. Starting on a conceptual urban planning stage, our commitment to the client’s needs calls us to manage detailed design levels, creating public areas, shopping lines and office spaces.

Leadership by service – give us the opportunity to let your goals be ours.


John Wortmann


Wortmann Architects Managing Director 2009 – 2016

Wortmann Bañares Architects Partner Director 1987 – 2008

IESE Business School – University of Navarra

 General Management Program (PDG)  from 1999 to 2000

Technische Universität Berlin Dipl.-Ing. Architect 1985

Our team

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Johannes Wortmann

Managing Director

Johannes is strong and resilient individual with over 30 years of experience in the field. Leading by example, our charismatic composer creates an inspiring atmosphere by pushing forward and stimulating both individual personal and career growth of his employees.

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Elisabet Valmayor Agüero

Assisting management

She is the one to welcome you into our office. The only local in our international firm, she has the Catalan boldness and ability to face problems head on, always finding a solution for impossible problem. She is also a sweet person which always soothes over the conflicts in the firm.

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Sara Calvo de Castro


She´s the first to arrive, last to leave the office. She never fails to succeed, due to her growing passion for work and models, taking more and more responsibility each day. Despite her strong and dedicated mind, she keeps the light and fun atmosphere in the office.

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Maria Torrent Izquierdo


As the newest member to the team, graduate from Navarra University, she dedicates herself whole heartedly to each task and project. While by nature she is always booming with energy and initiative, her flair for art and painting allows her to come with creative solutions for problems.

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