The project tries to reform the last two plants of a building located in the street Verdi 198-200 in the neighborhood of Gracia.At the moment they are occupied by a gym and the offices of a organization dedicated to sports. The objective of the reformation is to construct a new students’ residence, with 26 housing units. The reformation must also include the roof, the complete access gangways from the lower plant, the facade corresponding to these two plants as well as the adaptation and consolidation of the facade corresponding to the first plant and the basement plant.

He/she intends a solution of 26 mini apartments which consist of a double bedroom and Living room-kitchen. The housing is concentrating the humid and service areas to liberate the plant for the bedroom and living room.

  • Type : Residential Architecture
  • Date : 2007
  • Location : Barcelona
  • Promoter : Not available
  • Size : Not available
  • Budget : Not available
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