Consulting Services

The difficult situation within today’s real estate sector requires advice to be sought prior to the construction process, to assure the viability of the proposed investment and the creation of enduring added values. Likewise, the imbalance between acquision cost and effective rentability offered by the real estate market often forces developers to expose themselves to the complex process of town planning to ensure an acceptable margin.

To help safeguard the success of our clients’ initiatives, at WA we have executed numerous projects concerning real estate investment consultancy, technical due diligence, financial viability studies and the like. By creating an atmosphere of transparency and security for investors, we have facilitated major operations in the hotel, industrial and office buildings sector.

WA’s integral commitment to the final results of the work has meant intense labour in the field of integral project management.

Constant control over the execution of the works under the supervision of a single point of contact with the owner and the application of our in-house procedures, are our weapons for defending timescales, costs and quality – the essential ingredients for a successful project.